3 Minute Ice Cream

I’ve tried to make vegan ice cream before but haven’t had too much success this looks pretty straightforward


Who doesn’t love Ice Cream? We certainly do. This version is slightly different to what you may be used to, but its so delicious you would never know that it is completely healthy…and made from bananas! The secret is to slice up bananas and freeze them, they then mix up to an amazing creamy texture which allows you to add flavours. When our bananas are starting to go brown, I slice them and put them into a snaplock bag in the freezer, all ready for when I feel like whipping up a sweet treat. The flavours I made here is adding a little cocoa and coffee powder to one, and frozen berries to another. But get creative and let us know what your favourite flavours to make are! If you make it for your friends & family, don’t tell them it’s made from bananas and they would never know!



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The vegan diet can cure cancer | Vegan Heath

Vegans live longer and have a lower environmental impact! Furthermore, the vegan diet is protective against cancer, implicated in the cure of cancer and is used in many alternative cures. There is a huge body of research concerning the anti-cancer and the general health-giving properties of phytochemicals (active stuff in plants). For example, the group of flavonoids called anthocyanins (found in purple corn and blueberries) which  are highly ‘anti-radical’ and have a strong ‘antioxidant capacity’. That is, they are protective against cancer. Continue reading

No Justice for Hope

This is such a sad story and Hope was one of my students for a while.

Hope’s would have been 15 this week. Instead of celebrating her birthday, her family are mourning her death. Nazan with the support of her local community is organising a Ride for Hope on Saturday, 21 September. Cyclists, pedestrians, family,  friends and the local community are calling to reduce the danger from lorries on the High Street, so that no families have to suffer as they have.

No Justice for Hope.