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I began training in Contact Karate with Kash ‘the Flash’ Gill in Sutton Coldfield in 1991, with my first grading on the morning of my brother’s wedding. Later I trained at various clubs due to traveling around, eventually settling on Okinawan Goju Ryu, firstly in Hereford and then back in Birmingham.

I stayed with the GKI (Goju Ryu Karate International) during my University years, achieving black belt in 2001. About a year later I began teaching, whilst training for nidan (2nd level black belt). Around this time I found the United Goju Forums, which opened up the world of Goju in the UK. I attended all four United Goju Seminars; Kent, Southampton, Birmingham and Essex.

I spent time finding and training with Goju and other teachers around the country and inviting some to take courses in Birmingham. After completing my Doctorate in Sports Science at the University of Birmingham in 2006 I was directed to the website of Steve Morris and eventually arranged a day course with him. My club adopted the teachings and methods of Steve Morris, as much as possible, which now lead our training.

Someone said to me after the first course “there’s no going back” and this seems to have been the case. Training with Steve and the others at Primal has completely changed the way we train, the way I plan our training and the way I think about the Martial Arts. It works for me because his methodology sits very well with my Sports Science background. I have a PhD and I can safely say that I haven’t come across anyone else in Martial Arts that has such a scientifically valid approach to training.

This has resulted in a parting of ways with the GKI in 2008 and a setting up on our own. Training now is never dull, there is always input, either from Steve directly or via his methods. Where once we were limited by the confines of  ‘traditional’ Karate methodology there are now, literally, no limits. And  as there are no limits there are no absolutes. Just scientific, progressive Karate.

This blog charts the progress of the club and related projects.

3 thoughts on “About Epic Martial Arts Blog

  1. Hey Jon. How could you forget the Southampton UGS?! So what do you call what you practice now? Karate? Is Epic Martial Arts Academy a full time Martial Arts Centre?


  2. Tel

    ooops, amended that error……. Southampton is now included.

    EMAA is not a full time centre, as the place I had lined up fell through at the last minute. Literally, the last minute, the matted floor was about to go in. The summer was very wet, a lot of storms and it got flooded. Then the lease got messed up and the people taking it on didn’t want me. No love in the business world 😦

    It was only after then I realised what a good deal I was getting, or would’ve got. As it is I can’t get anywhere at an affordable rent, so we are training at different locations.

    It’s not been straightforward, but I’m now in the process of setting up as a Social Enterprise, which will see me running Martial Arts projects with disadvantaged groups. Watch the blog as these things start to happen, eventually, everything takes so long.

    We still call it karate, Goju even, but we now train a different model to what we did at the GKI, thats for sure. So it’s karate, underpinned by the Morris Method. After all Morris Method is not a style as such, it’s a methodology for progression, a template for learning and training even. Progressive karate.

    I still use sanchin, but in a completely different way to how I was taught, it’s a reference, and to get people thinking as they learn. Keep tuning into the blog and you’ll get insights into the extrapolations. It’s interesting that I’ve learnt more about sanchin kata from Steve Morris than I have elsewhere, and that’s without ever having actually done sanchin with him, as such.

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