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I saw this brilliant post by Charlotte Clews about the Tarahumara Women who, like the men, are Born to Run.  Here’s an extract from the post that really sums up everything about the Tarahumara in general and their women, certainly the two runners in this story. Brilliant, nothing more or less than that.

Tarahumara Women running

I too only ran the 52k. Even so, the 9,000 feet of elevation gain, combined with slippery, deep muddy trails and the energy-sapping heat and humidity made for a very full day! Only nine of the 40 racers continued on to complete the 100k distance. Five of those were Tarahumara men, with Silvino Cubesaré taking first place in 11 hours  and 15 minutes.

While I ran with a fancy, super-lightweight hydration pack and a dozen packets of Gu, Maria Isadora carried the plastic water bottle given to her by the race directors in a small grocery bag along with a small amount of pinole (ground corn) and some cookies from an aid station. She was just as unaccustomed to the humidity as I was, but she ran in her traditional full-length gathered cotton skirt while I tried to stay cool in my super-wicking Spandex shorts and Coolmax tank top.

Even more remarkable were her shoes. She navigated the incredibly steep, slick trails in the same cheap plastic sandals that she had worn all week.

via Running with Tarahumara Women 

How cool is that! The Tarahumara women carry their water in plastic bags. Look at the picture carefully, she’s carrying it in her right hand. Excellent. If you haven’t already, you really should read Born to Run: The Hidden Tribe, the Ultra-Runners, and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen. It’s a book by Christopher McDougall and is simply spectacular. It’s only £6.29! Reading about the Tarahumara is simply awe-inspiring it’s the best six quid you’ll ever spend – don’t know what that is in dollars…

Read the blog post about these Tarahumara women running La Ruta Ultra Run in Costa Rica, see if it tickles your interest. I bet you’ll want the book!

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