Weight Loss with Juicing: Michelle Loses 200 pounds | Run Kettle Juice

Juicing For Weight Loss – Michelle Loses Over 200 Pounds – YouTube.

Great weight loss story from Michelle. Note the warning to get a medical opinion before starting on a juice diet, you don’t want to go overdoing it!

Weight loss with juicing – yup!

It would seem that juicing can really help with losing weight but for me that’s a side issue. Juicing is all about HEALTH – get those vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients down ya! Your body will thank you! In fact, it’s known that juicing can be effective in helping really ill cancer patients.

This story can go side by side with the other juicing story of the big guy who lost tons of weight too! More inspiring stuff.

Juicing for healthy bodies

There’s plenty of help with starting out on your juicing journey on this site. So why not read a few articles!

Green juicing can be a bit daunting at first, it doesn’t always taste as nice as you might want. The link will show you how to get there gradually. Also take a look at the miracle drink post which really is a great juice recipe that everyone should be making.

Have fun, juicing is a very positive step!


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