Juicing and Blending infographic | Run Kettle Juice

Here’s a short and to the point infographic providing the merits of juicing and blending. Although it does mention ‘vs’ it’s more of a comparison of benefits than trying to determine the best of juicing and blending. I like this infographic because it’s so simple yet so informative. Exactly what an infographic should be!

juicing and blending

The base and extra sections of the juicing segment is spot on. Brilliant advice. Base your recipes on cucumber and celery, add some green leaves and a bit of low-GI fruit to take the edge off. Easy, peasy. And you can add some ginger or broccoli too. Personally, I save up my broccoli stems as a matter of course.

In addition, I’ll use carrots in the base in addition to the apple or other low-GI fruit as these are sweet too. It can really take the edge off some of the strong green flavours. Brilliant easy to follow stuff here, use it!

infographic on Juicing and Blending

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