New Video! – BGA Architects at BNI Southend

Bernard Gooding of BGA Architects in Rectory Grove Leigh-on-Sea,
Essex gave his ten minute presentation today at the Southend BNI meeting at the Cliffs Pavilion in Westcliff.

There’s a bit of a surprise that I won’t spoil but Bernard continues to amuse. THe presentation itself highlighted the manner in which BGA go about turning ideas into buildings. Buildings that ultimately people enjoy in whatever way is appropriate.

Bernard has been with Southend BNI for a few months now and is doing very well, passing and receiving business with other members.

If you could handle more business why not come along to one of the weekly Southend BNI meetings at the Cliffs. They start at 6.30 each Friday but you can come a little earlier to chat to members – networking they call it!

Fancy coming along as a visitor? Either contact the chapter at the link below or leave a comment and I’ll get back to you.

The Southend BNI meetings are 6.30am every Friday held at:

The Cliffs Pavilion
Maritime Rooms
Station Road
Southend on Sea

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