8th November 2012

This woman has written to Cameron every day for a year now. This blog saves them up, he actually gets a hard copy. She really is spectaculr

The Daily Cameron

Dear Dave,

Firstly, I trust that you do not mind my rather informal use of your first name in this letter.  After all, we are all in this together.  I write to you in the hope that you could assist with a real problem that my household is having with morale at the moment.  You see, since the tax credits limit was lowered dramatically we are £200 worse off every month.  Furthermore, because of an error on their part, I am in fact paying back a large sum of money which was “accidentally” overpaid me.

As a disabled mother of two this has impacted on our already meagre lifestyle and means that often I am forced, along with one in five other mothers, to miss meals so that my children can eat.  (They are well-fed and happy children, thank you for asking!) The great thing about this of course is…

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