Cordyceps verses glutamine | Vegan Heath

I used cordyceps last year when training for the Birmingham Half-marathon. I didn’t do it this year but I did get some from Detox Your World and wanted to try to tease out how effective this stuff was/is. Cordyceps is a Chinese mushroom that has been credited with all sorts of good effects. As …

2 thoughts on “Cordyceps verses glutamine | Vegan Heath

  1. Cordyceps have been used for a long time by people in the know, but have recently become popular. One thing I always advise people is to buy reputable brands when they are using cordyceps. There are too many crappy brands who poorly source their products. They won’t do anything harmful, but they also won’t provide the same benefits high-quality cordyceps do. I actually also use glutamine as well (along with several other supplements) for any endurance activities I do.

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