Vegan GMO – what environmental benefits of GM crops? | Vegan Heath

The Vegan GMO website with it’s allegedly vegan pro-GMO activists would have you believe that GM crops are good for the environment. From their site:
Environment: Creating plants that use fewer pesticides and fertilizers will help us strive toward a sustainable agriculture that’s less detrimental to all life on this planet. Fewer insects would be killed, less run off will poison fish, and no- or low-till agriculture will save the lives of ground-dwelling animals.

via Vegan GMO | Why Are We Pro-GMO?.
This is a standard pro-GMO claim. And in theory it sounds great. Develop GM crops that don’t need to use the quantity of chemicals regular intensively farmed crops require and bingo, environmental benefits. What could possibly be wrong with that? Well the main issue is that chemical use increases over time. The GM crops require more spraying not less. Curious but is there any evidence.

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