Quick office yoga | Run Kettle Juice

A day at the desk can take it’s toll these two videos will help you ease out the knots. The first is a five minute routine to be done in your chair. This is something you can do throughout the day while you’re working. Easy! If you take a five minute break once an hour this is perfect. Better than a cigarette break!


For a little more you can try the following sequence, which again is very simple. This is standing up so maybe better suited for your lunch break.


This will ease out the tension from your neck and shoulders. Incorporating some easy office yoga into your day will help keep you healthy. Or at the very least  these quick routines will help keep the slump of desk time at bay. Try it!


One thought on “Quick office yoga | Run Kettle Juice

  1. Very good thanks Jon. I have two discs gone and this will help me with all the sitting I do at work. Hope u are well mate, long time no see. Ash

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