Weight loss of 500 pounds together! | Run Kettle Juice

Before and after pics can be manipulated, for sure. But when you start with stats like these, there’s no faking possible.

Lose wieght

From Huffington Post

  • Name: Justin and Lauren Shelton
  • Age: Justin: 27, Lauren: 26
  • Height: Justin: 60″, Lauren: 55”
  • Before Weight: Justin: 592 pounds, Lauren: 341 pounds

via I Lost Weight: Justin And Lauren Shelton Lost More Than 500 Pounds Together.

The pics are stunning, this really is life changing stuff.

  • After Weight: Justin: 245 pounds, Lauren: 164 pounds

They’ve both lost over half their starting body weight! This is how…

We cut out salt, breads, grains, oils, sauces and high-fat meats. We began eating a high-protein diet with lean meats and a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. We only ate out on very rare occasions…

We started small with exercise, but slowly… increase(d) it. Now we go to the gym… and try to do something fun and active in the evenings and on our day off. Also, we knew we always had each other at our best and worst of times through this journey. It would have been so much harder without each other’s support.

Our overall quality of life is better, and we can do so much more than we could before… Although we are not quite finished, we feel happy with ourselves and what adventures may lie ahead of us!

Personally, I’m not a fan of high protein diets in the long term. There’s every chance that you’ll miss out on vital nutrients. But in this case they combine it with lots of fruit and veg. Now I do like the idea of that. Juicing those good guys would be a great way to get loads of nutrients.

Importantly, by stopping eating out and changing focus from where to eat to finding something fun and active to do. That along with the change of diet from processed to fresh is just the job. And, of course, the support of each other… Brilliant stuff. The pictures do not lie!

After weight loss

From Huffington Post – just wow!


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