Baby Rolling For Better Posture from Steve Maxwell | Run Kettle Juice

Baby rolling, you sure? Following on from the Max Shank and his Thoracic Bridge here’s Steve Maxwell. In the video he demonstrates the amazing virtue of being a baby. He illustrates how do this will get you an instant postural improvement! So here’s 30 seconds to better posture. Prepare to be amazed by baby rolling.

Steve Maxwell: Baby Rolling For Better Posture – YouTube.

The look of surprise on the bloke’s face says it all. ” I only rolled like a baby!”

I, personally, do get tightness across the chest. This results in sore shoulders and reduced mobility. Easily achieved from too much desk time! This easy exercise will help.

Twitter hastag alert

This baby rolling will compliment the Thoracic bridge beautifully. So I’m gonna couple them together #babyroll #TBridge. Hurray, I WILL defy the middle age desk slump!

baby rolling

Baby reaching and rolling – from Pediatrics

Baby rolling from the experts

Of course the real baby rolling experts are babies. Here’s Liv showing how it’s done!

This is great. Watch how this gorgeous little baby, Liv, learns to roll step by step. And there are clear similarities with what Steve Maxwell demonstrates. Baby rolling! Great video. Who knew you could learn from a baby?

Great. But is there any substance to being a baby again?

The above video is from a natural movement channel. Irene, uses movements and techniques from her Feldenkrais Method classes. Moshe Feldenkrais taught people

“that increasing a person’s kinesthetic and proprioceptive self-awareness of functional movement could lead to increased function, reduced pain, and greater ease and pleasure of movement”

Wikipedia – Feldenkrais Method

This is all very sensible. And very achievable. In a lot of martial arts, training of kinesthetic and proprioceptive abilities is key. This Feldenkrais Method reminds me of the Primal Move stuff we did with James Breece a few weeks ago. I do like the approach. Too often people wander around completely unaware of their movements.

Learning to listen to your body can and does help you with martial arts training. In addition you can bring it into everyday life. In fact, I was encouraged to do so. It’s a bit of a journey, which something as simple as baby rolling can start you on. So what’s stopping you?

Our amazing feet

Becoming more aware of the kinesthetic and proprioceptive aspects of movement in the feet helped me hugely in martial arts. This is where I started.

Before, I thought of feet as no more than clumps on the end of my legs. There’s 30 odd bones and the same number of joints in the foot ankle-complex! I’ve written about this in detail previously. If interested check out my post all about just how amazing, our amazing feet are! Great for improving your running too.

Developing this awareness can help you with your posture. Perhaps not an obvious connection… However, an all round improvement in body awareness will help your posture in the long run. AND regular baby rolling has then potential to open and ease out the shoulders while developing awareness. Key is listening to your body.Your body speaks and you can hear if you’re receptive.

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