Thoracic Bridge: Improve your flexibility in 30 seconds | Run Kettle Juice

This is a great little mobility exercise. I have struggled in the past with shoulder issues. This is almost certainly due to limited shoulder mobility. Watch the video.

Thoracic Bridge Instructional Video: Improve your flexibility in 30 seconds.

Dead simple, interesting that the hips have to come through. Very similar motion to the hip snap with the kettlebell swing, isn’t it.

As the bloke (Max Shank) says we spend a lot of time hunched over computers. This is a very closed posture. The extended position has really opened the front of the body. This opening is very important, especially as middle age kicks in. We really need to ensure we balance the hunched or closed posture from desk work.

Good stuff Max. I like the person in the comments who suggests doing it everyday for the month of September and is already feeling the benefit. I’m gonna do that too #TBridge on Twitter if you fancy it!


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