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I received this rather distressing email about a French baby who has been confiscated from his home because he has been brought up vegan. No other reason than that. This is a clear infringement of his and his parents human rights. Vegans have human rights you know! Please note I used Google translator to make this email English, it’s not perfect.

Joachim Paul, a small eight month old baby, was abducted for more than nine weeks his parents and placed in the Social Assistance Fund (ex-DDASSs) of Vaucluse.

The only criticism of the parents is that his mother does not eat animal products, and did not accept her child vaccines that were not required!

The lawyer Ludot Master in charge of the case, testified in the newspaper La Provence on July 17, 2013:

“In this case, the only complaint that the mother is that it is vegan and she refuses to vaccinate their children if not for mandatory vaccinations … “(1)

I said that Joachim was bottle fed, and the food choices so his mother could not have consequences for his health. His father, meanwhile, eats everything.

We are in contact with parents who are overwhelmed with pain. They love their children and move heaven and earth to get it. All their neighbors and friends rallied to their side. They created a support group, a website, a Facebook group …

But nothing is so far: in the absence of a massive mobilization of public opinion, the French government remains deaf to their calls. It leaves little Joachim wither, deprived of her parents. It has now stopped smiling. The effects of this removal will soon be irreversible …

That is why I ask you to sign and sign massively around you that the petition can be found here (clickable link) to obtain the immediate release of Joachim.

Do it for the little boy and his family, but it also made for a principle, namely the freedom to feed and care for themselves as they wish, in accordance with the laws.

A clear violation of Human Rights

It is unacceptable to be allowed in a country like France, the country of Human Rights, to discriminate and stigmatize people on the basis of their diet and their health practices.

It is time to overcome the prejudices that affect those who have chosen a different path than the recommendations of the pharmaceutical and food industry.

How that little was removed to his parents is so outrageous that I started not to believe me when you told it. I imagined indeed that such violence existed only in police dictatorships, not in France.

This is the result of a routine visit to the doctor that these parents were viciously denounced to the authorities. Then they fed their children properly, with rice milk formula suitable for their age, they found that more magnified by the normal growth curves.

They went to see, in perfectly normal time. But they were sent to the hospital where a doctor obviously hostile erroneously stated that the child was in severe malnutrition and dehydration, so he had examined a few seconds.

In fact, it appeared he had a mere prejudice against the diet of the mother. This while the child was bottle fed, and the plan of his mother could have no influence on him!

Never mind: the medical team took the pretext that parents Joachim fed with infant milk bottles with rice and did not want the non-mandatory vaccines for pretending to be dangerous lunatics.

This is a typical example of the medical obscurantism that is spreading among us: rice milk formula is fully compliant with the law and it is suitable for feeding a child of that age. This is also a product sold in pharmacies, and recommended for children who can not digest cow’s milk well. Every parent has the right to give her children, to reduce the risk of allergy. In addition, every parent has the right to refuse that administers vaccines to the children who are not required. Imposing otherwise is a violation of their fundamental rights.

Expertise give reason for parents

The diagnosis of child undernutrition has also been denied by the following expertise. The lawyer asked the Master Ludot judge to proceed with the psychological and psychiatric expertise of parents who are “perfectly normal people who have nothing to fear.”

But the Administration, who will not acknowledge his mistake, has not budged. Joachim, snatched from his home for more than nine weeks, full suffering in a home and has a serious psychological regression.

All psychiatrists, but all parents know that permanently deprive a little of his father and his mother is a terrible violence. Therein lies the real abuse.

The lawyer Me Ludot warned that “Taking” would come when perpetrators will face up to their responsibilities.

But in the middle of August, judges, doctors and social workers pass the buck. Everyone opens the umbrella and nobody has the courage to acknowledge the error.

What YOU can do

Concretely, this means that Joachim trapped. His ordeal and that of his parents could last weeks or months, if not product a huge mobilization of public opinion.

That’s why I really hope that you will sign and sign the petition (clickable link).

The nutritionist Jérôme Bernard-Pellet, Health Center at the University Paris Ouest Nanterre Defense issued a medical certificate in which he spelled out that:

“Is not found in the arguments that support the thesis of an abuse of parents medical records, or an inability of the latter to look after their son Joachim PAUL. “(2)

According to the report of the hospital Dr Violaine Bresson, who examined the child, he had an excellent contact inconsistent with the attitude of a child suffering a lack of care. It further indicates having “made an organic balance that does not exist for the moment deficiency.” (3)

Dr. Bosdure, Timone hospital practitioner (parents’) in the unit of infant medicine Pr Chabrol had also stated in a letter to Deputy Attorney Soriano he seemed quite rushed and detrimental to consider the placement of Joachim. (4)

But to no avail: in the absence of mobilization of public opinion, Joachim remains trapped services “protection” of childhood.

That is why I ask you to sign the petition here to the Minister of Social Affairs Marisol Touraine. This is to support the family of Joachim requiring intervention in high places for his release as soon as possible.

Help parents Joachim out of this heinous nightmare. Sign the attached petition and circulate it everywhere around you.

This case recalls the darkest hours of our history

Please do not let my message without reacting.

Sign, sign the petition and made attached around you. Help us to free Joachim.

Sign the petition here (clickable link)

If you have time, take if you please know all the details of the case, which are reported below.

This case is particularly disturbing because it shows how our social and health system is crazy. It crushes the innocent. Read the paperwork parents coldly announcing the vile persecution that have been decided against them, it’s like back in the darkest hours of our history!

Thank you not to ignore what is happening in our country.


Augustine Livois
President of the IPSN

1. you can read the medical report in its entirety here (clickable link)

2. see document cited in the previous footnote.

3. See the chronology of events, Wednesday, May 22, 2013: appointment here on this page

4. Link to the website of the Committee to support parents Joachim go here (clickable link)

Site parents Joachim go here (clickable link)

A vegan baby can thrive without much difficulty. It’s outrageous propaganda to say anything otherwise. The Vegan Society has advice on the website and in a pdf document. This is all you need.

If you’re outraged sign the petition…

France hates vegans

There seems to be a lot of discrimination in France against vegans. A conversation on twitter with a vegan in France came up with this tweet when I asked if the French didn’t like vegans

I’m stunned… what happened to liberty, egality, fraternity?

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7 thoughts on “Baby abducted for being vegan! | Vegan Heath

  1. Hi there, thanks for sharing the horrible story of my son. He’s been prisoner for 104 days right now, and nobody wants to care about his psychological, affective health…
    Btw, he was not really vegan, he was five months old when this case began, and he was only drinking milk (milk we bought in drugstores, so…) Nothing to do with a vegan diet, which is only mine. I am the only one they want to bash, I “bother” with my values… Sad, sad France…

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  3. Well, my son had a real weight problem, but we don’t know which one, and no doctor ever tried to find out. They just said that we didn’t give him enough food, although it’s pure bullshit. But everytime I met someone for the first time, it always was the same first question: are you a vegan?

    As for the prejudices… I’ve been in custody, where the Police told me that it was my way of life the real problem. And they asked me “what do you eat? what do you drink?” and so on during my auditions. Later on, one of the policemen told me that the “Justice” was afraid I was belonging to some sectarian movement, which causes parents to give only a small quantity of food to children (!!!).


  4. Hi!
    I made an english translation, here’s the whole story:

    A gorgeous little boy named Joachim was born on December 3rd 2012 to his parents’ great delight.

    However, Joachim’s parents began to feel concerned as the five-month-old’s weigh development was lagging behind and didn’t progress at an even pace. As a consequence, the parents decided to go and see a GP specialized in homeopathy in Cadenet on Monday, May 13th 2012. The mom mentioned her particular diet, as she happens to be a vegan, which seemed to be of interest to the GP. As the parents left the GP’s office, feeling more relaxed, they were only given a prescription for CALCAREA PHOS. 30CH as well as some advice related to specific type of flours aimed at babies. The GP asked them to come back two weeks later.

    Two days later, on Wednesday, May 15th 2013, the parents got a phone message from the very same GP on their voice mail. According to the GP, Joachim was suffering from a deficiency in vitamin B12, which was responsible for his slow psychomotor development. The GP added that she had delivered herself a prescription for a blood test in the parents’ mailbox. This prescription had actually been delivered in a neighbor’s mailbox. It is a well-known fact that when people are doing research in veganism on the internet, the first results they get deal with the potential deficiencies in vitamin B12. Hence the witch hunt began. Nevertheless, it has to be underlined that Joachim was fed with baby formula milk bought at the pharmacy, and thus he wasn’t submitted to any particular diet.

    The next day, on Thursday May 16th 2013, the parents spoke on the phone with the GP specialized in homeopathy, who incited them to go to the hospital La Timone in Marseille the very same day or the following one, in order to go through the different medical exams and to consult a pediatrician specialized in neurology concerning the potential troubles in the baby’s development. The parents answered that they would go the coming day, which would thus leave them so time to get things settled with their families and their friends living in Marseille if the hospital wanted to keep Joachim in observation, which was highly probable given that it was the day before Whit weekend.

    On Friday May 17th 2013, the parents brought Joachim to the pediatric A&E of La Timone. They were received by Doctor BREMOND who said that he had had a long conversation with the GP specialized in homeopathy. The mother’s diet came to the fore one more time. The child’s condition was believed to be “extremely serious” and he went through a blood check-up. Little Joachim spent almost six hours then waiting at the A&E, being attended to by no one except by his parents. The latters kept demanding where the baby’s bottle could be warmed as the baby was at the hospital because the doctors had diagnosed him to be malnourished and dehydrated. Plus, the baby had just gone through a blood test.
    During the same day, the GP wrote a letter to the Attorney General ( Procureur de la République) in which she reported that Joachim’s life was endangered. She based her argumentation on the appalling results of a medical test performed at her office on May 13th 2013. The parents were told about this notification by CADENET’s police while they were already at the Timone hospital.
    In the meanwhile, Doctor LIPARI ( GP at the PMI, an organization meant to protect children and mothers) as well as Mrs BOIVIN, pediatric nurse, went to the parents’ house and saw that they weren’t at home. They decided that they had enough elements to ask for Joachim’s placing. The Attorney Deputy SORIANO immediately ordered that Joachim should be placed and the baby was put to the care of the Vaucluse Country Council (Conseil Général.)
    Joachim would stay three weeks at the hospital, and within that time, he would receive no particular care, though his condition had previously been reported as “appalling”. On the other hand, the medical staff would be extremely energetic in putting the parents through constant pressure. The blood tests and the urinary tests showed no deficiencies and none of the typical marks of malnutrition.

    The parents remained extremely patient and polite throughout the whole proceedings, asking sound questions to the medical staff which emphasized how interested they were in the matter. But in spite of all this, and in spite of the tests results, the medical staff chose to describe them as unsteady and thoughtless characters who were in constant denial and opposition to them, in the report they handed in. Even worst, they deemed necessary to state that the parents had refused a scan, which obviously is not true. They also spoke slanderously against the pediatrician who had volunteered to take care of Joachim once he would be out of the hospital, as they underlined that he was against inoculation. When the topic of inoculation was brought to the fore, the parents decided to go for those that are made mandatory by law, that is to say the vaccine against diphtheria, tetanus and polio on the one hand and the vaccine against whooping-cough on the other hand. The hospital refused to perform these mandatory vaccines only, as they wanted to do as many vaccines as possible – including the non-mandatory ones- or none at all. The doctor who had been selected to put some pressure on the parents’ back in order to convince them claimed that the Vaucluse inhabitants were “backward people” who only fancied organic products and only enjoyed vegetables, which was another attack against the mom’s diet. The parents were spared nothing, and yet, they were only asking for help, advice and an explanation. And the only explanation stressed by the staff they met was the following one: the parents had voluntarily deprived their child from good cares and from food, thus undermining the child’s physical integrity. Doctor Bosdure, physician at the Timone hospital in the Pediatric Unit of Professor Chabrol, nevertheless precised in a letter to Deputy Attorney Soriano that it seems a little hasty to consider placing Joachim in a nursery.

    Despite Joachim’s stay at the hospital, and despite the fact the tests could not be questioned and could not have been forged either, “law”’s unbending machinery was at work. This included a search at the parents’ home, police custody and police interrogations… In the face of these developments, the parents decided to employ a barrister, Mr Ludot. During the parents’ interview with the “ASE”, who was represented by Mr B and Mrs P, at Pertuis medical center, the parents expressed their wish to be assisted by their lawyer, which is granted by the law. As a result, they were expelled. The ASE, basing their analysis on the few minutes that this interview lasted as well as on the two visits they payed at the Timone – which lasted approximately 45 minutes each – delivered a report recommending surveillance by the PMI (Infant & Mother Care), surrounded by a judiciary protection, appointments at the UPB (Baby and Parents Unity) in Montfavet, and also a psychological expertise of both the parents. Actually, the parents did accept these measures, as it was written in the judgment.

    On Wednesday June 5th 2013, the juvenile court judge Ait Hamou receives both the parents in her office, saying that there was no way the audience could be postponed, although Mr Ludot was asking for it since 2 days. She told them that she was going to take a decision, whether the parents answer her questions or not. The parents, resigned, were questioned, without any lawyer, without any defense. They didn’t have the right to be defended or helped, and were let alone. At the end of the audition, the judge decided that Joachim was to be separated from them and taken to a nursery for at least 6 months. They would have the right to see him at least 2 hours per day, with someone spying on them. It is important to say that the documents on which was based this decision were not in the possession of the family, or at least of their lawyer. Joachim was transferred from the hospital to the nursery the 11th of June, in Avignon, at 70 km afar his parents’ home. At that moment, it was arbitrarily decided that they would have the right to see him only 8 hours a week.
    On Thursday June 13th 2013, Mrs Legros, Joachim’s mother, is placed on custody for 24h at the Police station of Cadenet, for « lack of care or food putting in danger the life of a minor ». During this custody, she was going to be questioned 2 times, and she would learn what the problem really was, that is to say her way of feeding herself. After seeing the judge Guadagni on June 14th, a restraining order will be issued against the mother forbidding her to see Joachim without an appointed third party. Every week, she’ll have to go to the police station to check in and will also have to get to appointments with l’ASVAP everytime they require her to.
    On June 25th, it’s Mr Paul’s turn (Joachim’s father) to be heard by the same judge Guadagni who will take the same measures against him as he did a day before against Ms Legros.

    The parents were dismissed after their request of stopping Joachim’s placement at the nursery, request presented to the First President of the Court of Appeal in Nîmes.
    On Wednesday July 10th 2013, the parents go back to the Court of Appeal in Nîmes, to ask for the removal of their judicial supervision. They were also dismissed.

    Today, Joachim’s weight is back on tracks due to the massive quantity of food he has ingested since his arrival at the nursery. However, he is still suffering from chronic constipation troubles which had appeared at the hospital, despite a diet based on water enriched in magnesium, a large consumption of greens, prunes and even despite his being given glycerine suppositories. But the doctors choose to disregard the evidence and strive to look for hypothetical psychomotor issues with unreliable, dubious and unjustified tests, such as a muscle biopsy.
    Today, a seven month old baby is locked up in a nursery and his parents can only visit him 8 hours a week. Think of the trauma it represents for a little one who has always lived among his loving family. Think how lost and forsaken he must feel, how he is deprived from his bearings, from his emotional references.
    Today, because of this witch hunt, the “law” is ready to disregard all common sense as well as every single medical and psychological evidence and goes on, devoid of humanity, willing to crush all those who would like to step out of line.
    Little Joachim was once a really lively, cheerful and communicative child. He was the center of his parents’ attention. But today, because of that so called children welfare department, this child no longer smiles. He no longer laughs. He no longer tries to communicate. The progress he made just stopped. His expression has changed.
    Today is Monday Septembre 16th 2013 and Joachim has been imprisoned for 122 days.

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