A post-race vegan brunch | Run Kettle Juice

What was the occasion?My mum, Jayne, and I share a passion for running. I got into it about four years ago and now I cant get enough of it. For us, its a fun way of keeping fit with our friends.Another passion we share is vegetarian food. We run a blog called veggie runners, which we started because, try as we might, we couldnt find any advice about post-run recovery nutrition for vegetarians. Weve found the blog has been a great way to connect with the running and foodie community.Were both currently training for the Great North Run a half-marathon in September, and after that were having a go at the Yorkshire marathon in October.

Vegan running recovery brunch

via A post-race vegan brunch | Get-togethers | Life and style | The Guardian

Great to see the Guardian highlighting recovery food. Recovery is equally as important as the exercise! This article explores the needs of vegan recovery brunch, which is of course suitable for everyone regardless of dietary preferences.

Good clean food is good clean food, after all!


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