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coconoilCoconoil has saved the day… I’ve been searching for the impossible – cheap organic, virgin coconut oil. There really is no such thing, cheap does not compute with organic and virgin. Bulk buying could be the answer, couldn’t it.

My favourite brand has been Essential, which is a decent price in Indigo, Moseley but is not available on Amazon at the moment. For me, the best Amazon buy, not in bulk is Convive Virgin Coconut Food Oil, which is £15.99 a kilo. However, I digress is bulk buying the answer?

Coconoil to the bulk buy rescue

Well bulk buying was not as easy as I’d hoped. I thought I’d Google away and get a nice big 20kilo tub for £6 a kilo or something. Err no. There are options to buy huge amounts but whose kitchen can fit industrial drums of fat? The advantage of Amazon is the free shipping (on orders over £12 or whatever). Other sites struggle to match this and the added £3-£5 pushes the cost beyond Amazon. That’s the case for 1kg coconut oil tubs on the Real Food site.

So, step in Coconoil with their Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 10kg tub. The 10kg tub costs £110 from Amazon – £11 a kilo. This is a bargain I’ve not been able to beat. So we ordered a tub to keep us going for some time…

It’s clearly an investment but at £11 a kilo (not a litre) Coconoil is as close to a bargain as you’re gonna get. It tastes good so I’m pretty pleased. So pleased in fact I made a video! This is NOT Hollywood but I am embedding it. You will get an idea of how large the tub is.

So there’s an enormous tub of Coconoil virgin coconut oil in the kitchen that really needs some decanting. This will not be as easy as removing the KTC coconut oil from the bottle, so we’re hoping for the hot weather to return. If not, it’ll be a case of getting it in range of the oven when that’s on and decanting as we go. I’ll update this post

Why Coconut oil?

Well, in case you’ve forgotten, it’s wonderful stuff. Quoting Coconoil from their product info

Virgin Coconut Oil has been treasured for centuries all over the world for its wonderful wide ranging benefits to all aspects of health and beauty. This wonderfully completely natural, pure, Organically Certified Virgin Coconut Oil is so versatile it can be used from head to toe as a beauty product or in any kind of cooking as probably the healthiest cooking oil there is. Either way the daily use of Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as an external beauty product or as a nutritional product will lead to visibly improved beauty, health and well being. The unique natural blend of fatty

acids in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil makes it one of the best pure skin moisturizers available and is also known to help some skin and scalp conditions such as eczema and dandruff. For babies it is great for alleviating nappy rash and cradle cap. Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s) which when consumed goes directly to the liver and turns in to energy leaving no fat stored in the body. The MCT’s in Organic Virgin Coconut Oil help balance cholesterol and blood sugars as well as being thermogenic which helps speed the metabolism and burn calories. As part of a well balanced diet Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a”must” always. Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil can be massaged in to the skin, hair or scalp as required. Use sparingly as Organic Virgin Coconut Oil goes a long way making it a very economical but effective beauty product. When using Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil as a nutritional product you can take up to 4 tablespoonfuls per day. Coconoil Organic can be used in any form of cooking or baking as well as added to foods such as porridge, soup, vegetables, hot drinks or used as a spread. Coconoil Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is Certified as Organic by the global certifying organization Control Union, the UK Soil Association and the United States Department of Agriculture as well as being certified by the UK Soil Association.

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