Karate Master doesn’t break…..


It’s not nice to laugh at another person’s misfortune – but schadenfreunde has it’s appeal nevertheless. Besides this bloke does need some practice before he tries this stuff on the telly!

Oh Dear!


10 thoughts on “Karate Master doesn’t break…..

  1. This doesnt mean that he is a master He will always be perfect… Hes also human…
    Karate is a form of self-discipline training not to mention physical training, it is a perfect answer to helping your toddler become self motivated and disciplined thus, inspiring them to perform high in whatever they do.

  2. Always have awareness make sure no one swaps your blocks for strengthened ones…wish I had been there!

  3. Tell me he didn’t try to break those blocks with his head… Sure a headbutt can come in handy, but practicing breaking blocks with your head just seems stupid! Great pic though!

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