Making The Most Of Martial Arts Training, Having Fun

Making The Most Of Martial Arts Training, Having Fun

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I couldn’t tell you the number of times I’ve felt like skipping my martial arts training altogether and opting for a night out or something. This happens a lot, you finish work, you’re a bit tired and all you feel like doing is getting something to eat and unwinding from a stressful day in front of the TV.

This is normal and is what the vast majority of people will do after work and it’s certainly easy enough to do instead of going training. However, you never regret going training when you get there, no matter how hard it was to turn up. As my old sensei used to say getting to training is the hard part, once there he takes over and it’s easy.

Well easy wouldn’t be an accurate description because martial arts training is always physically demanding, so no, easy is a misnomer. But he certainly had a point. One reason why you don’t regret coming to training when stressed from a day at work is because the physicality of the training itself is a great release, a brilliant way to ‘let off steam’.

You can turn up stressed out and with the weight of the world on your shoulders but once you get going all of that slips away as you just get on and ‘let off steam’. You leave buzzing worry free and glad you turned up. Above and beyond stress relief martial arts training is such a lot of fun. Even in the most serious of traditional dojo’s the training is fun. For sure, this type of thing is not for everyone but the people who love it certainly do. There is bound to be something that appeals, given the huge range of options available.

It’s fun to learn new physical skills, to move through the levels of understanding, from the jerky awkward movements to the perfecting of the once seemingly impossible. There are plenty of hurdles but by definition there’s plenty of success as they are overcome. These little victories are immensely pleasing and, well, great fun.

Then there’s the people. You will literally meet people from all walks of life, from doctors to labourers to engineers, and from all religions and creeds. Martial arts training truly is a great leveller, once you’re on the mat, money or social status count for nothing, it’s your skill that count.

There will be times when you may need to push yourself to turn up after a bad day but you can always be certain that if you do make yourself go you will not regret it you will at worse feel great afterward. Martial arts training is fun, that’s why so many people do it!

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