BJ Penn belt taken, Mister Miyagi and Chopsticks

This post is NOT a Jackie Chan UFC crossover! I’ve missed a lot of UFC lately and and so have lost touch with whats being happening. Today I managed to catch some fights from UFC 112. BJ Penn lost his belt to Frankie Edgar and was taken down, for the first time in six years at lightweight! Amazing!

Penn v Sanchez

Watching the fight it became apparent that Penn was trying to counter strike Edgar, similar to the tactic employed, to great effect, against Sanchez. Trouble is that Edgar moves completely differently to Sanchez. Sanchez came in at Penn with a regular timing/beat and Penn was able to easily read this and pick him off at will.

Even before Penn cut Sanchez’s head in half, Sanchez’s face was swollen and beaten, while Penn was pretty much unmarked. Not so against Edgar, if anything Penn, certainly by the end, had more marks than Edgar. Furthermore, as mentioned, Edgar was able to take Penn down, not just once but twice!

The difference between the two fights was that Penn was unable to counter anything like as successfully as usual because Edgar was too awkward. Not only was he moving his head as well as his feet a lot, but his rhythm was not regular, he was moving with broken timing.

Frankie Edgar

Edgar defeats Penn

Between round one and two Edgar’s corner told him to keep changing his head movement so that he didn’t just move forward and back but also laterally. From then on Penn was struggling to get Edgar. Sure he caught him occasionally but not often. Edgar moves well and is quick on his feet, really quick. He manages to throw shots from unusual angles because of his movement and because of his irregular timing it seems to be a bit like tracking a fly. Or trying to catch a fly with chopsticks!

A well deserved victory for Edgar and certainly not what I was expecting to see. I really like the counter attack style Penn uses, particularly when it comes off so well as it did against Sanchez.

Mr Myagi with chopsticks

Miyagi tries for the fly

Coupled with his movement Sanchez just couldn’t get a shot on target or get out of the way. But against Edgar it failed. Edgar was in constant motion and very difficult to counter on because his timing kept changing and he was able to hit as he was moving in/out and left/right.

Edgar’s broken rhythm, his quick feet, great head movement and ability to throw punches wherever he was meant that Penn ended up like Mr Myagi from the Karate Kid; tracking and trying to catch a fly with chopsticks!

4 thoughts on “BJ Penn belt taken, Mister Miyagi and Chopsticks

  1. Very nice coverage. I wasn’t able to see the fight, so it’s good to find out exactly what had went on. I was quite surprised to hear that BJ lost, but no one can keep a title forever I suppose.

    Also, in that same UFC showing, Anderson Silva made a bit of a ruckus with his bad behavior. Must have been an interesting PPV!

  2. Thanks for commenting. Yes I was surprised Penn lost too, I expected a fairly routine win. Silva won fairly comfortably, but he stopped trying about halfway through round 3. If he is going to fight GSP he will have to fight the entire five rounds, or at least train to do so. I thought he was great up to that point, completely playing with the opponent, foxing him with his timing and movement. But beyond that he made it a very boring match (it wasn’t really a fight!).

  3. I was surprised BJ lost. But, he has been beaten before and will come back harder in the future. I’m always amazed at the lack of damage to his face as compared to other fighters.
    He usually comes out without looking banged up. That is where true skill lies. How does he keep from getting hit as compared to other fighters?

  4. I was surprised too, it made the whole fight worth watching. He moves so well, and ‘off’ the opponents movement. This is why he did so well against the often dangerous Sanchez but as Edgars movement was much less predictable he had trouble not only hitting him but also avoiding him. IN the fight the commentator actually sounds surprised when he says that Penn is looking more battered than Edgar.

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