Bat attack, justice?

Some time ago I wrote a post concerning a vicious attack a friend of mine suffered. His ankle was broken and he received several blows to the head from a baseball bat in the attack. Originally, I said he was walking home drunk from the pub, when in fact he was not drunk and had merely left the pub after a single drink. He and his mate had been to band practice and were in good spirits as they’d just got news of a recording contract.

The ankle was in plaster for a long time, but he has full use restored and is finishing physio soon, hopefully to be able to play footy again after further strengthening.

The trial had to be postponed due to a technicality so in the end he and his mate have had to give evidence twice. The defendant with the bat pleaded guilty while the other pleaded not guilty, hence the need for the trip to court.

This second defendant was acquitted of all charges. It seems that the CPS charged him with too serious an offence for the actual crime, meaning that they had to prove he intended to cause serious damage to my mate. This was not possible as although he broke my mates ankle it’s hard to show that was his intent.

So that seems to be that. My mate is still suffering the after effects of the attack, one attacker is free while the other is awaiting sentence. My mate did get £5000 compensation which is better than nothing, but there are emotional scars.

Clearly, the CPS were at fault here. Surely the bloke who got off would’ve been convicted if charged with a lesser offence! He did, after all make an unprovoked attack on a complete stranger walking home with a friend. Hopefully, the ‘batter’ will get a commensurate sentence.


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