KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid

I’ve recently been given a link to the youtube section for clips from Fedor’s training team (thanks Tommo). It’s a pretty good insight into some of the practices they get up to. One very obvious thing is the simplicity of their training methods. In the clip below, Fedor’s group are doing some circuits out in the forest at a kiddies playground. Yep a kiddies playground. The greatest MMA pound for pound fighter trains in a kiddies playground making do with whatever there is around, they’re doing crunches on a park bench!

Hammer swinging and some basic exercises put into a circuit. Great. The ‘make-do’ element is continued in this clip, where they are using rocks and even a kettlebell for medicine ball slams. In an article on the benefits of hill running Ross Enamait says

……..people seem to discredit simplicity. They falsely assume that complexity trumps simplicity, when often the opposite is true……. In the words of E.F. Schumacher:

“Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more violent. It takes a touch of genius—and a lot of courage—to move in the opposite direction.”

I’m a big advocate of using science to ‘get an edge’ but sometimes this approach can overcomplicate matters detracting from the real goal, improved fighting performance in Fedors case. All training should be applicable to that goal.

By taking science into account but without losing sight of simple methodologies a progressive form of trainnig can be achieved. Drawing from many sources can be inspiring but also potentially confusing. With youtube and other internet resources a massive array of training information is available but simplicity should not be ignored. Ask Fedor!

On the Fighting Arts Alliance forum, there’s a huge amount of information available on numerous topics related to martial arts training but simplicity is not ignored. People are using hammers, tyres, bulgarian bags and all sorts of similar simple, often homemade equipment to compliment punching things.

This in many ways is similar to what the Okinawans were doing with their hojo undo in the late 1800’s; using simple training equipment. This practise seems to be less prevalent in the west and with the information available on the internet could probably do with being updated and augmented. That would allow some progression in traditional karate and the like, rather than being restricted to a historical approach. My experience of the hojo undo exercises was along the lines of performing the exercises in a prescribed manner only. There was little if any innovation and as such no progression.

In the hojo undo clip the bloke is performing exercises that clearly provide decent conditioning potential, however by incorporating kettlebell exercises the ishi sashi could become a more versatile piece of equipment, for example. The trouble with being historically accurate, as karate often purports to be, is progressive training methods are negated. All down to personal preference I suppose, my preference is for progression…….


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