Tractor Tyre

tractor tyre

I’ve got a big tractor tyre and I’m well chuffed. I’ve wanted a big tyre for a long time and this fits the bill. It’s ideal for hitting. I used to hit regular tyres with a sledgehammer but they were unable to cope and ended up mishapen and useless. A nice big tractor tyre should easily be able to handle being sledged!

Living in the middle of a big city I had to travel to fetch it. My brother lives out in the sticks by Burton on Trent and managed to find a farm with lots of them spare, so I got a lift up there to fetch one back for myself and another for him. His is to roll his sons around in, mines for training.

Here’s an example of using the sledge swinging in a tabata drill, which is a nice straightforward protocol to develop explosive movement. Alternatively, you can do 20 reps per side til you get to one hundred, or similar.

And of course there’s flipping possibilities,one-handed swings, all good stuff, but I’m gonna get inventive and see exactly how much I can come up with. I’m a little reticent in dragging the thing, as with all the rain this summer that might just completely trash my lawn, which as its a shared garden would not be too neighbourly!

There were a few comments when I was rolling it into the garden. “What do you want that big tyre for Jon?”, from my neighbours daughter. “I’m building a Monster Truck, thats the first part” I said. Which seemed a reasonable answer.

The beauty of sledgehammer swinging is that its a whole body action, or at least it should be. And seeing as compound actions are what we use in the martial arts, this type of training is very apropriate.

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