Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao

manny pacquiao

Rated, by Ring magazine, as best pound for pound fighter in the world, Pacquiao is also the first fighter to become lineal champion at four different weight classes. He recently destroyed Ricky Hatton in the second round by KO after knocking him down twice in the first. He’s quick, to say the least and moves so well, his timing is exquisite and he really can hit hard, here’s the link to the fight on you tube, it may be removed soon. The clip shows the final KO several times, Pacquiao whips in a huge left hook leading with his head, it’s a great shot. It’s interesting that the commentators say that Pacquiao has learned a lot in recent years and really come on. Something that Ricky Hatton could heed if he’s to continue…..!

Steve Morris encourages us to ‘watch the fight’ to help continue to learn, and at the moment Pacquiao is my favourite. The idea is not just to watch and enjoy but to get the impression of the fighter, be inspired and try to take on that impression. You can read Steve’s views on this here and here.

Watching great fighters in this manner is an excellent way to pick useful stuff up. The Pacman has supreme footwork/movement and exquisite timing and this is shown clearly in the following training highlight. His hand speed is incredible throughout the clip, but in the section where he is shadow boxing the way in which the hands lead the feet is stunningly rapid. Getting the hands to set the pace for the feet is something that Morris bangs on about and is an excellent way to get yourself moving more effectively. It’s a bit like a sprinter using his arms.

During the subsequent section of sparring Pacquiao’s timing and movement allow him to completely dominate his sparring partners. While this, of course, would be expected, it’s an excellent illustration of timing, in my opinion. He is forever beating the opponent to the punch, or put another way using the interval of time (as Morris calls it) to either hit or avoid/defend. It’s a great clip, inspiring and kinda gets you going.

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