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Some of you may remember the Q&A section Steve Morris had on the self-protection forum some time ago. This was a vibrant information rich section of the forum. In the end though Steve closed it because it was very time consuming, his responses were in depth and incredibly helpful. It’s fair to say he caused some debate.

On Morris’s main site he has created a new section called Fighting Arts Alliance which will launch in the next month or so. There will be a forum involved, which will be heavily monitored by Steve, there’ll be no chance of silly internet forum games such as multiple identities etc. Simply it will serve as a great resource for people interested in the Morris Method.

A few of us have joined up pre-launch to test out the features and to get some content up there. Steve has uploaded some previously unavailable video footage which looks very good. So far I have only been able to view a few videos, taken from a private lesson with a professional boxer. It’s very good, the boxer already has very good ability but Steve manages to get a lot more out of him almost instantaneously. This section of video alone is well worth watching for the succinct insightful content.

There’s a lot more on there and it promises to be a fantastic resource, look out for it!

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