bodypower 1

Due to a senior moment I attended both days of the Body Power show on the weekend of 9th and 10th May. I only wanted to see Dan fight in the amateur MMA show on the Sunday, but got the day completely wrong! So I had plenty of time to see the stalls and take in the huge bodybuilders in flip flops, smothered in gravy browning.

There were a few demonstrations which were ok if you are new to martial arts; the UTC training demo’s were decent enough. There were a lot of stalls selling expensive equipment and supplements and the opportunity to meet famous bodybuilders and strongmen. Of course, there was the chance to have a go at the Dragon Challenge, in simple terms how many curls and shoulder presses can you do with 20kg dumbbells. I bet it hurts, but it’s a bit samey.

All great if it floats your boat, but I only wanted to see Dan from Primal in his first fight, which wasn’t until Sunday? There were tournaments at four or five weight classes and the standard was pretty good to be fair. It was a ‘grapple and strike’ set up with no head shots allowed, which meant the advantage  favoured the grappler. Dan is not a specialist grappler but did well enough to finish in third spot winning a decision against a grappler to get there.

He did very well as the general grappler tactic was to shoot in on a leg kick with no regard for head shots as they weren’t allowed. Unsurprisingly, first place spots were dominated by grapplers, although one of the UTC stand-up specialist fighters got first place due to excellent escapes and movement.

Dan kept busy and regained his feet enough to get the well deserved decision from UFC referee Mark Goddard. He seemed to like action rather than control and Dan provided this, overall he can be pleased that he did very well in a contest that didn’t play to his strengths at all. Well done Dan!

The show is set up more for the bodybuilder than the martial artist but the tournament was good.

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