Steve Morris will talk about watching the fight, in fact he calls the fight his teacher. At Primal we are encouraged to ‘watch the fight’ and so to learn from the fight. The idea is not to merely observe but to glean useful information and to use it.

Steve has challenged us to improve our submission repertoire, and of course being Steve Morris he’s given us a substantial target. He wants us to have 100 submissions! Now he set this challenge two weeks ago and we had the first run through of what we’d managed. Rob Dick managed 44, I have no idea how many I got to, but I’d say a fair few less. Nevertheless I have improved on what I had through a mixture of watching others at Primal, using you tube and practicing at our regular EPIC training classes.

It’s been interesting as I have managed to understand locking better. By that I don’t mean particular techniques, although I have managed that too. Rather I mean the concept behind locking. Steve took us through Eddie Bravo’s TWISTER today showing us the simplest method of getting it on.

Prior to that I’d watched a collection of twister submissions on you tube that someone had compiled. It was just a writhing wriggling mess and very difficult to suss out what was happening. However, the outcome to the other bloke was always impressive, trussed up like a kipper, springs to mind!

I managed to glean the main idea, to twist the opponent one way and then the other, like wringing a flannel, and then tighten. Oddly enough I managed to get it wrong, although the end result was reasonable enough as what I thought was the twister, but wasn’t, still works as a submission! The reason for the non-twister being successful is that I’m still wringing the flannel.

This revelation opened the door somewhat, leading to the discovery of more techniques. We’d been doing neck cranks and I noticed that while cranking a partner locked my jaw. So I found a submission hold for the jaw  by applying the flannel wringing concept, simply pull the jaw in the opposite direction to the crank, easy. There are lots of possibilities.

I don’t claim that this is anything new, especially as today Steve showed us the same concept for all the submissions we were doing, wringing the flannel, or more precisely compressing/extending at both ends. Great stuff.

Learning locks and submissions in this way makes it so much easier, as there is no need to get caught up in confusing instructions similar to the following extract taken from a book on Chin Na

the opponent uses his right hand to grab your shirt behind you, step your left leg back while circling your left arm around hie right arm and placing your right hand on your left wrist

All the rights and lefts get my poor mind boggled, I like general concepts to work with. I do also like to have help, of course, after all a demo is worth a thousand words. But a good conceptual explanation with a demo is better still gives the opportunity for further learning at your leisure.

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