Primal in Birmingham


Steve Morris delivered the first Primal session for a few months in a new venue in Kings Heath, Birmingham. The session is the first of regular sessions to be held at Bishop Challenor School Sports Centre. This is the same venue as when we had the first session with Morris.

The Primal sessions are open to everyone wanting to improve their ‘game’, standing or on the ground, regardless of style or Matial Arts background. For the traditionalist Morris will give you the information to not only make sense of the ambiguous in your style but also how to use it in real terms, i.e. fighting. For the MMA or kickboxing fighter Morris will give you scientifically valid and tested information and principles to take all areas of your game forward.

This first session included new drills to improve peripheral awareness, prepping the CNS for power shots and learning ground skills. Training is hard and realistic but safety is emphasised.

Morris is in the process of developing an instructors program based on his method, leading to accreditation, which will allow people learn the fundamentals, access to information and use it and adapt it to produce constructive martial arts lessons.

Primal will be held from 1-4pm on the first and third Sunday of every month, i.e. the 3rd and 17th of May. The fee is £25 each or £40 for two training together, cash on the day.  Bring your equipment if you have it.

Bishop Challenor School Sports Centre
Institute Road
Kings Heath
B14 7EG

Google map link

Any questions can be directed to Steve via email

2 thoughts on “Primal in Birmingham

  1. I’m interested in attending the Steve Morris ‘Primal’ training sessions held in Birmingham. I’ve managed to view some of the warm-up drills on Youtube but I’m a little apprehensive about the level of contact in the training.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Crosstrainer, the level of contact is fine. All training is kept within safe constraints. Safety is emphasised! I moved from regular karate training to Primal without any trouble whatsoever, so you really should be fine.

    Steve is an excellent teacher and is particularly adept at recognizing a persons level and then pitching the content appropriately. It really is a mixed bag that attend, everyone is friendly and earnest in training.

    In the last session content centered around cue acquisition across fight ranges from standing open to clinch and takedowns, with lots of information and tips on the way. Contact was light throughout with lots of information and learning apparent.

    Sometimes the level of contact is higher, but safety mechanisms are included; no head shots, big gloves etc. Bring 16oz gloves and you will be fine.

    Come along, or contact Steve directly if you have any other concerns, he’s very open to questions.

    Just to say CT come along and train with us at Primal it really is fantastic, an opportunity to tap into almost 50 years of top drawer experience, knowledge and understanding. There’s not really anything else like it, give it a go you WILL improve.

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