EPIC love in……….

On Saturday 14th Feb we had a Valentines Day grading, after all what else is there to do? There was plenty of love to go round……

The pleasing thing was that everyone grading got stuck in as did those helping out. At about 3 hours or so in the real ‘fun’ began. At brown belt the culmination of the fighting section is 4 minutes scrolling through different phases of a ‘fight’ as follows

  1. stand up
  2. clinch
  3. ground
  4. multiples

The person simply has to fight flat out for 30 seconds against a different opponent in each phase, twice. Ta da! Unfortunately the camera man was involved a lot of the time, so there are only pictures of the ladies. She did exceptionally well and afterwards, said “I like that”.

Congratulations to all those who graded, keep up the good work.

2 thoughts on “EPIC love in……….

  1. It was a really good day… if a little chilly 🙂 Chrissy, Chris and Rich were very impressive. They obviously move very fast too if all the pics I took have come out headless 😛

  2. I had a great time sharing the love on Valentine’s 😉 They had to work hard and really deserved the grades, well done all!

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