Red Tape

This country seems to be swimming in the red stuff…..

I am in the process of setting up a project on a voluntary basis, working with vulnerable adults. As such I require an enhanced CRB check, fair enough. The irritating thing is I already have one available for scrutiny, okay it’s 18 months old so maybe I require an updated check. Sadly, the rules state I require one for each agency I volunteer for, that means this year I could end up having four or five. While this may seem like a minor inconvenience it gets worse.

Firstly, the check takes weeks and weeks to complete and in this time you simply have to wait, you are not allowed to start work. For this agency HR require further documentation. So I went to the centre armed with Passport, Driving License and utility bill and completed the CRB form, personal details form, volunteer agreement and another form, the name of which has slipped from memory.

At least it’s out of the way. But no! I received an email from the manager of the day centre asking me to come in and complete the CRB form again as I hadn’t included a copy of the paper part of the Driving License with the original application form! Not even the concession of asking for the missing copy to be sent across, no I have to complete the entire form again! Stunning! It seems as though they are being intentionally obstructive.

I blame the government, nanny state we live in!

Nanny State

Nanny State

4 thoughts on “Red Tape

  1. Yeah, you need a new and seperate check for every ‘new position’ you undertake. My last enhanced CRB check took 3 weeks from sending off the form to getting the declaration back in the post, which I thought was quite speedy. You can track them online now too, which I found useful, as you can see at what stage the check is at.

    Anyway, the real question is how the hell did you get a photo of Ramona moonlighting as a cleaner at Lidl?

  2. Sounds about right 😉
    you’d think that at some point they’d find a way of making life easier instead of more difficult for themselves.

  3. Well, in the end I had to go in again and complete a new form and bring along the paper part of my license so that the woman could ‘witness’ it being copied. To prevent forgeries I suppose. Hopefully, it won’t take too long to get processed.

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