A Morris preamble…..



Steve Morris

Morris Method Introductory Course

April 2007

Kings Heath


Five women and thirteen men from as far as London and Preston, with between 1 and 25 years martial arts experience came to Bishop Challenor Sports Centre  for an introduction session to the “Morris Method”. First off Steve gave a little background to what he’s about; he doesn’t have a defined system as such as he is continually evolving meaning there are no absolutes just progression.

In effect, Steve provides a methodology to teach yourself – watch and analyze the fight, then use the methodologies he presents to work on what you take from your fight observations. Simple……

Steve assisted by Rob, began by explaining some fundamentals such as stance, movement, angles, power generation, whole body striking and more. These were practised alone and with a partner and then implemented into partner drills. It was hot and sweaty but breaks were taken as required, which didn’t affect the rhythm of the training. The content was excellent and delivered in a logical fashion, moving from principle to specifics. While there was a lot of explanation, Steve used many methods of explanation to ensure a point was understood. His use of imagination and everyday analogies aided understanding, I think we all had a favourite, I like the ‘let’s twist again’ analogy used in the ‘whole body’ kicking.

We got through a lot of heavy contact work, but this was delivered in a very safe manner, protective equipment was used and emphasis was placed on the partner relationship, i.e. trust. As Steve said it’s no good knocking each others teeth out, you get through too many partners that way!


'goading' drill

I particularly enjoyed a drill, which involved covering/avoiding a repeated prescribed attack from your partner. As the defender you were in control of the ‘volume’ button. That is, you ‘goad’ your partner into turning up the heat. The idea is NOT to be a victim, so if the attacks were getting too much, you told your partner to tone it down. This enabled you to experience more vociferous strikes as your confidence grew, more fun than it sounds. In fact,  it was more enjoyable being the receiver than the giver!

Then there were the conditional drills, where each person is given a ‘mission’ to accomplish. These can be included for all ranges of fighting. For example, one person is on the ground and is Chuck Liddell the other on top is Randy Couture. Chuck’s mission is to get back on his feet, Randy’s is to get Chuck to the ‘fence’. You have 30 seconds to go flat out to achieve you ‘mission, it was hard work, but with the emphasis on being completely committed to the mission and giving your all to achieve it!


Mission explained

After training we went for a meal in town and had a great time, with plenty of amazing stories interspersed with pearls of wisdom and a ‘Delboy-esque’ DVD sale outside the restaurant. All in all a great day.

I wrote this not long after the event and was supposed to go up on my website, but at least it’s made it here. This was when I first realised that there was no going back……..

Thanks to Jon Gee for the excellent photography, more of his work here

7 thoughts on “A Morris preamble…..

  1. Hiya, blog looks good… Think it is a specialised site for martial art enthusiasts as me not knowing a thing din’t understand what was meant by some of it…. however, great idea and imagine it could be useful for a lot of things xx

  2. Hi Jon

    Ive enjoyed reading this, thank you, i will continue to pop back to catch up.All the best with the club, looking forward to seeing you again in April, i just hope Chelsea can Hammer the villa before then, lol.

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