Hello world – First Post!

Jon Law

Jon Law


This blog will chart everything that is going on in my martial arts world at Epic Martial Arts Academy in Birmingham, UK. I will cover everything that concerns the club as we progress. A brief, non-exhaustive list follows….

  1. My struggles with absorbing the teachings of Steve Morris and the Morris Method
  2. Projects – using Martial Arts training to help disadvantaged groups
  3. Struggles with conforming to ‘good practice’, i.e. multiple across agency CRB checks
  4. Fight observations – resulting from Steve Morris’ assertion that we should ‘watch the fight’ and lessons learned from watching
  5. MMA related information and fight/show reviews and observations
  6. Karate observations
  7. Interviews (hopefully)
  8. Club events
  9. Technical discussions
  10. Occasional diversions off a theme

And probably plenty more. Should be a blast.

14 thoughts on “Hello world – First Post!

  1. Yay for the interwebnet thingy! Good work getting this set up – look forward to making it top of my hit list! 😉

  2. Hey Jon. Nice blog mate it’s good to get an insight to how things are progressing with you and yours and by the looks of it they are progressing extremely well!

  3. Hey Terry, nice to see you to see you nice!

    Thanks mate, yes, things are moving on in leaps and bounds. I’m enjoying the training more and more, its all good. Hope all is well on Sheppey, land of mystery! Thanks for reading the rubbish i waffle 😉

  4. Hi Jon, I’m enjoying the blog – if you recall working with me at Apollo some years ago I’d love to hear from you direct to my e-mail. We had some good chats at work, and I seem to remember bumping into you in pubs in Kings Heath/Moseley? Hope to speak soon. Stu

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