Communicating from a Distance: Fire Alarm Upload/Download

Distance control! Brilliant

Fire-Lite Alarms

Fire-Lite Alarms offers the capability to transfer data to and from most of its fire alarm control panels for convenient setup or troubleshooting. Typical applications include downloading configuration data to a panel for a new installation, and uploading data from an existing panel to view status, buffer history or capture existing panel configuration files.Honeywell

There are a few different ways to connect to a Fire-Lite panel for local programming as described below:

  • Local connection to the Fire Alarm panel using a serial communications port or a USB port
  • Remote connectivity to the Fire Alarm panel’s DACT over phone lines
  • Remote connectivity to the Fire Alarm panel over IP when using the IPDACT and the Teldat Visor Alarm Receiver

How To
When performing an upload or download to a fire alarm panel, Fire-Lite’s PS-Tools programming software automatically configures a computer’s serial or USB port settings so it can communicate to the…

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